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 スタジオ・ボイス235号(1995年7月号)は私が持っているバックナンバーの中でもかなり古いものの一つ。この号の特集「テクノ・ザ・バイブル」のディスク・ガイド「TECHNO THE BIBLE 200」をリストにしてみた。
 リストの各ページには、いつものように、Discogs、YouTube、Amazonでの検索結果を表示している。一部、Amazonの代わりにTechniqueでの検索結果だったり、Amazonへのリンクではあるのだが「No Item」だったり、また、各々の検索結果がいまひとつ適切ではないこともあるかと思うが、そこは温かい目で見ていただきたい。

Page Artist Album Label Year
TechnoTheBible/1APHEX TWIN Digeridoo R&S 1992
TechnoTheBible/2HARDFLOOR Hardtrance Acperience EP Harthouse 1992
TechnoTheBible/33 PHASE feat. DR.MOTTE Der Klang Der Familie Toresor 1992
TechnoTheBible/4V.A. North - The Sound of The Dance Underground de/Construction 1988
TechnoTheBible/5ALEC EMPIRE Limited Editions 1990-94 Mille Plateaux 1994
TechnoTheBible/67TH PLAIN THE 4 Cornered Rooms GeneralProduction Records 1994
TechnoTheBible/7MAD MIKE SEX IN ZERO GRAVITY Red Planet 1993
TechnoTheBible/8X-103 Atlantis Tresor 1993
TechnoTheBible/9RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE The Phantom (It's In There) Mute 1989
TechnoTheBible/10ROTTERDAM TERMINATON SOURCE Poing (HolyNoiceRemix) Rotterdam 1992
TechnoTheBible/11THE AUTEURS Vs u-Ziq THE AUTEURS Vs u-Ziq Hut 1994
TechnoTheBible/124D {asclepias} Labworks 1994
TechnoTheBible/13SVEN VATH Accident In Paradise Eye Q 1992
TechnoTheBible/14GERM GUEULE DE BOIS/SWIM EP General Production 1995
TechnoTheBible/15COMA CLUB COMA CLUB Djax Up 1994
TechnoTheBible/16UNDERWORLD Rez Junior Boys Own 1993
TechnoTheBible/17V.A. Out There Pi 1994
TechnoTheBible/18CABARET VOLTAIRE The Crackdown Virgin 1983
TechnoTheBible/19Mr.PARTRIDGE Take Away Virgin 1980
TechnoTheBible/20RHYTHIM IS RHYTHIM The Beginning Trandmat 1990
TechnoTheBible/21(M.V.OSWALD) Phylyps Trak Basic Channel 1993
TechnoTheBible/22I START COUNTING My Translucent Hands Mute 1986
TechnoTheBible/23V.A. Mothership Juice 1993
TechnoTheBible/24HAT VOI QUE HUONG Hat Voi que huong Zick Zack 1982
TechnoTheBible/25V.A. Ambient House DFC 1990
TechnoTheBible/26LIPPS. INC. Funky Town Casablanca 1980
TechnoTheBible/27PLASTIKMAN Sheet One +8 1993
TechnoTheBible/28RELOAD A Collection of Short Stories Infonet 1993
TechnoTheBible/29CJ Bolland RAVESIGNAL III (Horsepower Remix) R&S 1991
TechnoTheBible/30u-Ziq Bluff Limbol Rephicx 1994
TechnoTheBible/31SUICIDE Suicide Red Star 1977
TechnoTheBible/32TERRACE Round Up Djax 1992
TechnoTheBible/33V.A. (Artificial Intelligence) Warp 1992
TechnoTheBible/34SPEEDY J (Ginger) Warp 1993
TechnoTheBible/35STEVE HILLAGE Rainbow Dome Musick Virgin 1979
TechnoTheBible/36SYSTEM 7 Point 3 - Water Album Big Life 1994
TechnoTheBible/37EDGAR FROESE Epsilon In Malaysian Pale Brain 1975
TechnoTheBible/38ASH RA TEMPEL New Age Of Earth Isadra 1976
TechnoTheBible/39GLOBAL COMMUNICATION 76 14 Dedicated 1994
TechnoTheBible/40VAPOURSPACE Themes From Vapourspace Plus8 1994
TechnoTheBible/41SEEFEEL Succour Warp 1995
TechnoTheBible/42V.A. Ambient4~Isolationism Virgin 1994
TechnoTheBible/43APHEX TWIN Selected Ambient Works Volume II Warp 1994
TechnoTheBible/44ORBITAL Orbital Internal 1993
TechnoTheBible/45F.U.S.E. Dimension Intrusion Warp 1993
TechnoTheBible/46808STATE Quadrastate Creed 1989
TechnoTheBible/47CABARET VOLTAIRE The Conversation R&S 1994
TechnoTheBible/48KENNY LARKIN Metaphor R&S 1995
TechnoTheBible/49DANIEL PEMBERTON Bedroom Fax+49-69/450464 1994
TechnoTheBible/50PHUTURE Acid Trax Trax 1987
TechnoTheBible/51V.A. Dub Restaurant Menu Vol.1 Dub Restaurant 1994
TechnoTheBible/52NEW ORDER Temptation Factory 1982
TechnoTheBible/53SLOWDIVE 5 EP Creation 1993
TechnoTheBible/54CHAPTERHOUSE VS GLOBAL COMMUNICATION Pentamerous Metamorphosis Dedicated 1993
TechnoTheBible/55EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH Mesmerised Sympathy For The Record Industry 1994
TechnoTheBible/56BRIAN ENO Discreet Music Obscure 1975
TechnoTheBible/57CLUSTER Sowiesoso Sky 1976
TechnoTheBible/58KRAFTWERK Trans-Europe Express Capitol 1977
TechnoTheBible/59KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN Kontakte WERGO 1964
TechnoTheBible/60PIERRE SCHAEFFER L'Oeuvre Musicale Inagrm 1990
TechnoTheBible/61CONLON NANCARROW Studies For Player Piano Wergo 1988
TechnoTheBible/62JOHN CAGE In A Landscape Catalyst 1994
TechnoTheBible/63CHRIS HUGHES Shift Point Music 1994
TechnoTheBible/64CARL STONE Four Pieces Electro Acoustic Music 1989
TechnoTheBible/65PHILIP GLASS Low Symphony Point Music 1993
TechnoTheBible/66V.A. ESP Compilation Vol.5 ESP 1995
TechnoTheBible/67LA MONTE YOUNG The Well Tuned Piano Gramavision 1987
TechnoTheBible/68TERRY RILEY In C New ALbion 1995
TechnoTheBible/69YANN TOMITA How Time Passes Audio Science Laboratory 1994
TechnoTheBible/70QUADRANT Quadrant Dub Basic Channel 1994
TechnoTheBible/71V.A. Headshop Source Records 1994
TechnoTheBible/72NAMLOCK&DR.ATMO SILENCE-2 Fax+49-69/450464 1993
TechnoTheBible/73PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here (TRANCE REMIX) 海賊版 1995
TechnoTheBible/74TIMOTHY LEARY+THE PBC Bardo Thodol 八幡書房 1992
TechnoTheBible/75THE KLF Chill Out Jams 1990
TechnoTheBible/76THE HEAVENLY MUSIC CORPORATION In A Garden of Eden Silent 1993
TechnoTheBible/77JOHN C.LILLY E.C.C.O. Silent 1993
TechnoTheBible/78V.A. Synoptics A Reflective Compilation Reflective 1993
TechnoTheBible/80DEEP SPACE NETWORK BIG ROOMS Source records 1993
TechnoTheBible/81THE ART OF NOISE Into Battle ZTT 1983
TechnoTheBible/82VISAGE Visage Polydor 1980
TechnoTheBible/83DEPECHE MODE Speak & Spell Mute 1981
TechnoTheBible/84PRODIGY Everybody In The Place XL 1992
TechnoTheBible/85GARY NUMAN The Pleasure Principle Baggars Banquet 1979
TechnoTheBible/86Heaven 17 Penthouse And Pavement Virgin 1981
TechnoTheBible/87DAVID TOOP/MAX EASTLEY New And Rediscovered Musical Instruments Obscure 1975
TechnoTheBible/88AMM Generative Themes Matchless Recordings 1983
TechnoTheBible/89Yellow Magic Orchestra Solid State Survivor アルファ 1979
TechnoTheBible/90FLYING LIZARDS Fourth Wall Virgin 1981
TechnoTheBible/91M NewYork London Paris Munich MCA 1979
TechnoTheBible/92KRAFTWERK Tour De France EMI 1983
TechnoTheBible/93UR World 2 World UR 1993
TechnoTheBible/94B12 Electro Soma Warp 1993
TechnoTheBible/95THE RISING SONS Afgan Acid Experience EX 1994
TechnoTheBible/96V.A. New Sound In Electoronic Music Odyssey 1967
TechnoTheBible/97TANGERINE DREAM Electronic Meditation Ohr 1970
TechnoTheBible/98ARMANDO GALLOP Land Of Confusion Warehouse 1988
TechnoTheBible/99坂本龍一 Riot In Lagos ISLAND 1980
TechnoTheBible/100TEST DEPT The Faces Of Freedam MOP 1985
TechnoTheBible/101THROBBING GRISTLE 20 Jazz Funk Greats Industrial 1978
TechnoTheBible/102THOMAS LEER Contradictions Cherry Red 1982
TechnoTheBible/103DAF Alles Ist Gut Virgin 1981
TechnoTheBible/104V.A. Best Of Ralph Ralph 1982
TechnoTheBible/105立花ハジメ Taiyo Sun アルファ 1986
TechnoTheBible/106808STATE Newbuild Creed 1988
TechnoTheBible/107CIRCUIT BREAKER Over Kill Probe 1993
TechnoTheBible/108E-RECTION Suck My Dang-A-Long Trigger 1992
TechnoTheBible/109ULTRAVOX Vienna Chrisalys 1980
TechnoTheBible/110THE SHAMEN En-Tact One Little Indian 1990
TechnoTheBible/111YMO Technodelic アルファ 1981
TechnoTheBible/112JAPAN European Son Hansa 1979
TechnoTheBible/113YAZOO Upstairs At Eric's Mute 1983
TechnoTheBible/114NITZER EBB That Total Age Mute 1987
TechnoTheBible/115MINISTRY Twitch Sire 1986
TechnoTheBible/116ORBITAL Chime Ffrr 1990
TechnoTheBible/117V.A. Pioneers Of The Hypnotic Groove Warp 1991
TechnoTheBible/118LFO Frequencies Warp 1991
TechnoTheBible/119ADAMSKI N.R.G MCA 1990
TechnoTheBible/120CYBERSONIC Backlash Plus 8 1991
TechnoTheBible/121THE GRID Boom! Virgin 1991
TechnoTheBible/122SULPHURIC Better Come Together Infonet 1993
TechnoTheBible/123THE HOLY GHOST INC. Mad Monks On Zinc The Holy Ghost Inc. 1993
TechnoTheBible/124MOBY Go Instinct 1991
TechnoTheBible/125AGE OF LOVE Age Of Love (Jam&Spoon Mix) React 1992
TechnoTheBible/126DJ HELL My Difinition of House Music R&S 1992
TechnoTheBible/127RESISTANCE D Human EP Harthouse 1993
TechnoTheBible/128THE SABRES OF PARADISE Smokebelch II (David Holmes Remix) Sabres of Paradise 1993
TechnoTheBible/129THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON Accelerator Jumpin'&Pumpin' 1991
TechnoTheBible/130C.J.BOLLAND The 4th Sign R&S 1993
TechnoTheBible/131V.A. Behind The Eye~Eye Q Compilation Vol.1 Eye Q 1994
TechnoTheBible/132THE HYPNOTIST This Is My House Rising High 1991
TechnoTheBible/133SHUT UP AND DNACE Death Is Not The End Shut Up And Dance 1992
TechnoTheBible/134DAVE ANGEL New Orchestrations E.P. Fnac 1993
TechnoTheBible/135THE VISIONS OF SIVA Perfect Day M.F.S. 1992
TechnoTheBible/136ACID JESUS Acid Jesus Klang 1993
TechnoTheBible/137DAVE CLARKE Red 2 Bush 1994
TechnoTheBible/138電気グルーヴ Dragon E.P. キューン・ソニー 1995
TechnoTheBible/139LAURENT GARNIER Astral Dreams F Communications 1994
TechnoTheBible/140EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN Yu-Gung Some Bizzare 1985
TechnoTheBible/141MOEBIUS PLANK NEUMEIER Zero Set Sky 1982
TechnoTheBible/142CLUSTER&ENO Cluster&Eno Sky 1977
TechnoTheBible/143HARMONIA De Lux Brain 1975
TechnoTheBible/144KRAFTWERK Rarf&Florian Phlips 1973
TechnoTheBible/145DAVID BOWIE Low RCA 1977
TechnoTheBible/146ROEDELIUS Durch Die Wuste Sky 1978
TechnoTheBible/147THE NORMAL Warm Learherette/T.V.O.D. Mute 1978
TechnoTheBible/148CLUSTER Grosses Wasser Sky 1979
TechnoTheBible/149LIAISONS DANGEREUSE Liaisons Dangereuse Teledec 1981
TechnoTheBible/150MANUEL GOTTSCHING E2-E4 Inteam 1984
TechnoTheBible/151NEU! Neu 2 Brain 1974
TechnoTheBible/152DIE DORAUS UND DIE MARINAS Blumen Und Narzissen Ata Tak 1981
TechnoTheBible/153MODEL 500 Sonic Sunset R&S 1994
TechnoTheBible/154UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE Riot E.P. UR 1991
TechnoTheBible/155THE BLACK DOG Cost 2 GPR 1993
TechnoTheBible/156V.A. Tresor II - Berlin & Detroit - A Techno Alliance Tresor 1993
TechnoTheBible/157THE ORB The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld Big Life 1991
TechnoTheBible/158DREXCIYA Bubble Metropolis UR 1993
TechnoTheBible/1594 HERO Parallel Universe Reinforced 1994
TechnoTheBible/160LTJ BUKEM Horizons Lookinig Good 1995
TechnoTheBible/161MODEL 500 No UFO's Metroplex 1995
TechnoTheBible/162RHYTHIM IS RHYTHIM Strings Of Life Kool Kat 1989
TechnoTheBible/163THE IRRESISTIBLE FORCE Global Chillage Rising High 1994
TechnoTheBible/164THE SUBURBAN KNIGHT Nocturbulous Behavior UR 1993
TechnoTheBible/165MARK STEWART & MAFIA This Is Stranger Than Love Mute 1987
TechnoTheBible/166THE HUMAN LEAGUE Reproduction Virgin 1979
TechnoTheBible/167JOEY BELTRAM Beltram VOL 1 R&S 1991
TechnoTheBible/168DELKOM Superjack Delkom 1991
TechnoTheBible/16969 Sound On Sound R&S 1993
TechnoTheBible/170FUTURE PAST/BALIL ART1 E.P. R&S 1992
TechnoTheBible/171V.A. The Philosophy Of Sound And Machine Rephlex 1993
TechnoTheBible/172KEN ISHII Pneuma R&S 1993
TechnoTheBible/173JEFF MILLS Waveform Transmission VOL 1 Tresor 1992
TechnoTheBible/174X-102 Discover-The Ring Of Starn- Tresor 1992
TechnoTheBible/175BARBARELLA The Art Of Dance Eye Q 1992
TechnoTheBible/176AFRIKA BAMBAATAA & THE SOUL SONIC FORCE Renegades Of Funk Tommy Boy 1985
TechnoTheBible/177THOMAS FEHLMANN Ready Made Mute 1986
TechnoTheBible/178ROBERT HOOD Minimal Nation Axis 1994
TechnoTheBible/179DAVID SYLVIAN & HOLGER CZUKAY Plight & Premonition Venture 1988
TechnoTheBible/180V.A. Transonic5 (Re-Entry) Transonic 1995
TechnoTheBible/181NIK PASCAL Magnetic Web Narco Records & Tapes 1973
TechnoTheBible/182GIL MELLE The Andromeda Strain Kapp 1971
TechnoTheBible/183MORTON SUBOTNICK Silver Apples Of The Moon Nonesuch 1967
TechnoTheBible/184BRUCE HAACK The Electric Lucifer Columbia 1970
TechnoTheBible/185FIFTY FOOT HOSE Cauldron Limelight 1967
TechnoTheBible/186DICK HYMAN Moog Command 1970
TechnoTheBible/187V.A. Limelight Dealer Demonstration Record Limelight 196?
TechnoTheBible/188MARKS & LEBZELTER Rock And Other Four Letter Words CBS 1968
TechnoTheBible/189THE WHITE NOISE An Electric Storm Island 1969
TechnoTheBible/190砂原良徳 Cross Over キューン・ソニー 1995
TechnoTheBible/191KING OF OPUS Circumstances Victimization Taransonic 1995
TechnoTheBible/192INOYAMA LAND Danzindan-Pojidon Yen 1983
TechnoTheBible/193大野松雄 鉄腕アトム/音の世界 (Roots Of Electric Sound) コジマ録音 1975
TechnoTheBible/194URI GELLER Uri Geller Trio 1975
TechnoTheBible/196TESTPATTERN Apres-Midi Yen 1982
TechnoTheBible/197SYMPATHY NERVOUS Sympathy Nervous Vanity 1980
TechnoTheBible/198(企画もの) 宇宙 ビクター音産 1978
TechnoTheBible/199(企画もの) 衝撃のUFO ビクター音産 1978
TechnoTheBible/200森下登喜彦 妖怪幻想/水木しげる ビクター音産 1978